Industrial racking

Industrial Pallet racking

Industrial Racking

There are different types of industrial racking, however choosing the right pallet storage method will depend on the reason you are using the storage for. One of the ways of storing pallets is floor stacking this is the most basic method of storage when using a pallet. Floor stacking is where pallets are placed on the floor in rows. There are many different rules to follow when storing pallets in facilities. When thinking about using floor racking as the main way of storage think about the accessibility and how much floor space is available. Large amounts of storage will not be ideal when using flooring racking. Many people with small amount of storage will use floor racking this is because there is no need to invest in equipment to store your items. Many floors stacking storage units have a high storage density which means you can store heavy objects within the storage unit. This can lead to you having more room available to store your items. However, by using storing pallets on the floor it can mean poor accessibility to pallets if large and small objects are scattered on the floor. By using floor racking as your chosen storage unit can mean using a larger amount of room than needed due to all products spaced out on the floor.

Selective pallet racking

Another type of pallet racking is selective pallet racking, this is the most common way of storage, that is used by many businesses today. Selective pallet racking will usually use two cross beams to form a shelf-like base for when storing pallets. By stacking pallets upright this method can mean you have more room to store your items however storage units will have rules in place and can always be restricted by the height of the pallet and the height of the ceiling where your storage is being held. An advantage of selective pallet racking would be all-around access to all your pallets without problems getting to them. For business use, this could mean a low investment compared to other storage solutions. However, by stacking upright it may affect the weight within the pallet as certain items can be too heavy for the cross beam to hold.